Taking Care of a Kitten: Basic Things That You Should Provide

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Bringing home a cute little kitty is an exciting thing. They’re a cute little thing that you won’t be able to resist. Having them in your home will bring a lot of joy and adorable moments. However, there are things that you should prepare before bringing them home with you. You should be able to provide them with these basic things if you want taking care of a kitten.

Taking Care of a Kitten and Things You Should Prepare

1. Milk

When you adopt a kitten, understand that they’re still a baby. They still need the proper nutrients to make them grow properly. Until 8 weeks old, nursing from their mother is a must. Starting from that, you can start introducing solid food to give along with their milk. After the eight weeks mark, you can pretty much not give them milk anymore. But, for the first weeks of their life, giving them milk is a part of taking care of a kitten that you need to do.

If you have to separate them from their mother before the time, many cat parents often ask when dealing with kitten, can you give kittens baby formula to them? The answer is no! Baby formula is made out of cow’s milk. Never, never, give a cow’s milk to your kitten! It can give them diarrhea and make them sick. Instead, give them a milk that you can buy from a pet’s store. They usually carry something that is specifically made for cats.

Taking Care of a Kitten
Taking Care of a Kitten and Things You Should Prepare

2. Water and Food

Providing a clean freshwater is a must when you taking care of a kitten. For the food, you can give them dry or even canned food. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you need to give them a diet that rich in protein, calcium, and others that they need. Don’t give the food that you give to an adult cat. It isn’t sufficient enough for them. If you want, you can even make a homemade kitten food. There are a lot of receipts you can do to make on your own.

3. Warmth

Have you ever seen kittens huddle in together? There’s a reason why they do that. Kittens need to stay warm all the time, but their body can’t retain body heat too well. That’s why they seek each other warmth. But, if you have just one kitten, this can be a problem. A special tool like an incandescent lamp, a lined box, or a kitty bed is needed to warm them up and for taking care of a kitten that you have.

If you really want to make your kitten comfortable in your home, you need to make sure that you provide them with their needs. The three points above are the basic needs of a kitten that you should give. All of that is comparably easy compared to all the joy and happiness that the cute little thing will bring to your life. Make sure to have them ready before you bring a kitten to your home. Hopefully, your kitten enjoys having a new parent! (Catzone).

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