Complete Guide of Taking Care of a Cat

Are you planning on adopting a cat? If yes, then congrats! Your life is one step closer to being an amazing journey with a lovely companion! Owning a cat for the first time is an exciting thing that everyone should experience at least once in their life. But, before that, you should know the knowledge of taking care of a cat. You don’t expect the cat to fend for themselves, aren’t you? Here is the list of things that could help to ease your journey.

Basic Needs for Taking Care of a Cat

When you have cat as your pet, you have to know how to take care them. Taking care of them is a must thing that you have to learn to make them have a wonderful life with you. It means more than just give them food and water, but you also have to do take extra steps to make sure that they’re always healthy and happy. Here are a couple of routine care that you have to do for your cat.

1. Giving Proper Nutrients

Food is essential to live. That applies to any beings including cat. You need to give them a proper diet that is appropriate for their development. How much cat food per day that you should give is determined by the factors of their age and gender. Talk to your vet about how to take care of a cat using diet to make sure that they eat the nutrients that are fit for their metabolism.

Adopting a new cat, especially if it’s kitten, you have to prepare the basic needs for them. Make sure that you provide them with nutrients rich food. Depends on the age of your cat, the food that you give is also different. For new kitten tips, it’s better to give them their mother’s milk until they reach eight weeks old, while for older cats, you can give them regular cat’s food. Give the appropriate nutrients for each stage of your cat’s life.

For everyone that’s owning a cat for the first time, it’s worth remembering to portion out the food that you give them as well. This is to avoid your cat being obese which then leads to health problems. Their drink is also an important thing for how to take care of a cat that you have to pay attention to. Make sure to always fill their water bowl with clean and freshwater. Adult cats need to drink at least one litter a day, so check their water bowl here and there to make sure it isn’t empty.

Complete Guide of Taking Care of a Cat
Kitten only needs their mother’s milk until they reach eight weeks old

2. Proper Living Space

Another thing that you can’t miss is their living space. When you bring a cat home, you have to make certain that your home is cat-proof. Check out whether you have electronics that can harm them, clean them up and organized in a way to make sure that your cat won’t get to them.

This also applies to your plants. Some of the house plants are poisonous to your cat. Get them out of reach from your cat to avoid any unwanted incidents, especially if you’re taking care of a kitten.

For taking care of a cat, their living space also includes their sleeping area and their bathroom. Invest in high quality and comfortable sleeping bed for your cat. Their litter box is also crucial to make them comfortable. Make sure that they can move freely in their litter box.

Noted that you have to change their litter at least once a day. Cat is a clean creature, they won’t like it if their litter box is dirty. You should do it if you don’t want your cat to litter somewhere else in your home.

Cat care tips for taking care of a cat are something that you should master on as well if you live in an apartment. Living in a high building risk your cat of getting High-Rise Syndrome. It’s a fatal thing you need to pay attention to.

To prevent that, it’s best if you close your window or at least install a protective screen. If you can, teach your cat to avoid getting their paws too close to the window or playing in the balcony. Don’t forget to clean your place as well. Small space collects fur sheds pretty quickly.

3. Entertain Your Cats

It’s good if you want to invest in some toys for your cat. Cat loves to play and being active in their day to day activities. It’s important to make sure that they’re entertained at all time, especially for cat owner that lives in a smaller space.

Toys will take their mind out of the boredom so you can leave them alone for long. Taking care of a cat means to really make sure that you give them the best basic needs and more for them. You have to be ready for that.

How to Take Care of a Cat – Routine Care You Need to Do

1. Grooming

Having a cat doesn’t mean that you only give them food and water, there are certain routines that you have to do to keep them healthy and happy. One of the things that you have to do regularly is grooming them. First time cat owner must remember to do this at least once a day for a long-haired breed, while for a short-haired breed, you have to do it at least twice a week. Not only brushing them, trimming their claws and cleaning their mouth is also necessary.

There are a lot of benefits of regular grooming for your cat. That’s why many consider this as a part of their routine on how to take care of a cat of theirs. A couple benefits that you get from it are shinier fur, untangled hair, less shedding, and others. Grooming your cat regularly is also an opportunity for cat health check for any skin or fur diseases that your cat might have.

2. Health Care

However, the one thing that you should really put the priority with is their health. Cat health problems are common for cats that don’t get treated well. To avoid your cat getting sick from common cat illnesses, taking care of a cat by bringing yours to the vet is important.

Regular visit to a vet is necessary for examination and vaccines administration. For kittens, you need to go there pretty frequently because of the many schedule vaccines that a kitten has to get while adult cats can go annually.

The well-being of your cat is a thing that you shouldn’t take lightly off. You need to really make sure that they always stay in their best condition when living under your roof. Giving them vaccinations is one of the things that could help them. Vaccine is existed to prevent your cat from catching various harmful diseases. If you don’t vaccine your cat, you risk them of ended up in fatal condition.

Various types of viruses and diseases can easily preventable by injecting your cat with vaccines. A professional such as your vet will recommend that your cat get core and non-core vaccines. Some you only have to administer them once while others you have to give it to your cat as a part of how to take care of a cat for them at least annually. Check with your vet to make sure that you won’t miss any crucial vaccinations.

Basic Needs for Taking Care of a Cat
Regular visit to a vet is necessary for examination (image by:

Check with your vet about what kind of vaccines and examination that your cat needs. But, don’t forget to do your own examination on them. You should check their body to make sure that everything performs wonderfully.

Their behavior can also tell their condition as well, so you need to really watch for their change of behavior. Pay attention too with the state of their teeth. Cat with teeth problems if wasn’t treat right away can lead to serious problems later on.

There are so many things that you need to get used to if you adopt a cat. Your cat is your responsibility. It’s a huge commitment that you have to do. Taking care of your cat needs certain things that you do for them including giving them the right and proper nutrients, grooming them to make them look amazing as well as preventing disease, and giving them vaccinations that they need. Those are a couple of things that you must do for them. Besides, their health is what’s most important, right?

Even though it seems like a huge work, it really isn’t. All of those things that you have to do is worth all the amazing time that you have with your lovely cat. So, make sure to take your time and effort to make their life the best while living with you.

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