5 Adorable Shorthair Cat Breeds

Cat is a lovely animal. They’re super cute, especially if you want to have them as your pet! Shorthair cat breeds are the best one to be your companion at home. Most of the shorthair breeds are lovely and adorable animals. Their look also correlate with their personalities that are friendly and playful.

It’s a perfect one to adopt in your family. If you’re interested in adopting a shorthair cat, here is the list of shorthair breeds that you should consider!

Adorable Shorthair Cat Breeds

1. American Shorthair

American shorthair is one of the most popular black shorthair cats. It’s because of their innocent wide-set eyes, rounded ears, and square-shaped muzzle that is so hard to resist. If you can resist their look, you won’t be able to resist their personality.

They’re known as easy-going aura and affectionate traits that people love! This breed looks especially cool if you have them in a black coat. They look menancing rocking the dark color.

Shorthair Cat Breeds
American Shorthair Cat

2. Abyssinian

If you’re a cat lover, you must know about the existence of this cute breed. Abyssinian is one of the shorthair cat breeds that exists since the beginning of time. They’re one of the oldest breeds out there. Their looks are exceptionally adorable with almond-shaped eyes and their distinct thick short hair.

Their coat looks glorious with a variety of colors and patterns that resemble a small mountain lion. You won’t be disappointed if you adopt them as your cat!

Shorthair Cat Breeds
Abyssinian Cat (image by mofmo.jp)

3. Siamese

Who doesn’t know about siamese? Siamese is famous for their infamous look of bright, vibrant blue eyes and their coat pattern. The distinct dark and white pattern in their look divine. Fun fact about that dark pattern in their paws, ears, tail, and face is made out of enzym that goes darker because of cooler temperature.

It’s mindblowing how their body works! They rock the look with gracefulness and posh. Having them in your house will make you want to be graceful as well!

Shorthair Cat Breeds
Siamese Cat

4. British Shorthair

Aside from American Shorthair, British Shorthair is also one of the shorthair cat breeds that look absolutely adorable. Their look is enticing anyone that sees them, especially since most of them are a grey shorthair cat.

Their stock and heavy-boned build makes them awesome as a cuddling friends. You just want to squeeze their cute chubby cheeks! Adopting them is an amazing decision as you will have an affectionate and loyal family pet that is children friendly.

Shorthair Cat Breeds
British Shorthair

5. Burmilla

If you don’t know about this breed of shorthair cat, you should find out about them more. This breed is amazingly adorable with their distinctive feature of piercing shades of green eyes and white silver coat. Even though their hair isn’t as short as many shorthair cat breeds, they’re still considered to be a shorthair.

You won’t be bored if you adopt this one of the rarest cat breeds as your companion because of their demanding and mischievous nature. Their easy-going trait also makes them great as a family pet.

Shorthair Cat Breeds
Burmilla Cat (image by fineartamerica.com)

There are many reasons why you should adopt a shorthair breed as your family cat. The obvious reason might be because of their innocent and adorable look. But, you can have them as your choice because they’re much easier to manage compare to longhair breeds. If you choose one of those five breeds of shorthair cat, you will be set with an amazing companion alongside you for a couple of years!

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