Scottish Fold Cat Breeds, A Cat That You Can’t Resist

Scottish Fold cat breeds, a cat that You can’t resist. If you love watching cute cat videos, then you will come across this breed. They almost always grace the rank of being the cutest breed out there. Anyone would agree that the title is well deserved.

They are amazingly cute with doe eyes, small body, small face, and more importantly their folded ears. That becomes their signature look of Scottish Fold cat breeds that many always say ‘aww’ too.

Scottish Fold Cat At a Glance

Weight8 – 12 lbs
ColorBlack, White, Blue, Cream, Red, Silver, Cameo, Brown, Bluecream, Tortoiseshell
PatternSolid, Tortoiseshell, Calico, Bicolor, Tabby, Ticking, Smoke, Shaded, Spots
Eye ColorOdd-eyed, Blue, Green, Gold
Lifespan9 – 12 years
Grooming NeedsLow – Moderate
PersonalityAdaptive, Social, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Active
Cat Association RecognitionCFA, TICA, AACE, ACFA, CAA
Price$500 – $2200

Personality of Scottish Fold Cat Breeds

When you see them at first glance, you will automatically notice their cute and quiet demeanor. They’re not vocal at all. Even though they purr, you see much noise that they produce. This will be perfect for those of you that don’t like being disturbed by your pet. It won’t be something wrong with them.

They just choose to be that way. They’re also pretty lazy. So, if you like a playful and energic cat, you won’t get them with this cat.

They are a cuddly little creature. For that laziness, Scottish Fold cat breeds are amazing to be a cuddle buddy. They will stay by your side twenty-four-seven until you move them. You can just cradle them in your face as long as you want. It’s true, especially because they have amazing fur that is soft and silky. They’re the perfect creature for perfect time to be petted whenever you want. You most likely won’t be short in cuddling time!

Fun Facts About Scottish Fold Cat

When you see a Scottish Fold, you will immediately tell them apart by their ears. They are folded downward. But, do you know that they aren’t born with it. You won’t know whether Scottish Fold Cats’ ears are going to get folded or not until they’re 3 weeks old.

They’re born with tall, straight and pointed ears. So, you can only make sure that your kitten is a Scottish fold when they’re at least been born a month. Another unique thing is that they sleep on their back instead of stomach like most cats.

Scottish Fold Cat Breeds
Adorable Scottish Fold Cat Breeds, A Cat That You Can’t Resist

Underlying Issues

If you look behind their cute looks, Scottish Fold cat breeds have big issues lying there. Their folded signature look is actually a mutation genetic that caused them to naturally fold downward. Not only does it cause abnormality in their look, it also has an impact on their hearing as well.

Many of these breeds have hearing issues. Some are even as severe as deafness. This means that you can a thousand percent breed two of these breeds at the same time. They will lose all short of possible issues that you don’t want.

Many has pointedly stated that they’re against the practice of breeding Scottish Folds. This isn’t on an unreasonable basis. These cats actually experience some major problems aside from hearing. For unknown reasons, their lifespan is always short compared to other cat breeds.

They will have many painful nights when they just sit there and lay down can’t do anything. If you have Scottish Fold cat breeds as a pet, you will most likely visit the vet more often.

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At first, their cuteness may what’s attracted you most. But, we should really be concerned about the underlying issues as well. Whether or not you want to agree with the practice, at least we should take notice of them.

If you want to have it because you can’t resist their adorable eyes, you can settle with the videos online. There are many videos that you can find to make you quench your thirst to hold them in your hand.

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