4 Hairless Cat Breeds That Look Extraordinary

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If you’re ever anywhere at the side of the internet, you must be stumbled upon one of the hairless cat breeds. This cat looks absolutely stunning with the distinctive feature of their wrinkly bodies, which attracts people’s eyes. This type of breeds have little to no hair covering their body because of a genetic mutation, though they still look amazing in rocking the look. If you’re interested in adopting one, check out this list of the most extraordinary-looking hairless breeds!

List of Hairless Cat Breeds

1. Sphynx

If we’re talking about popularity, of course, the Sphynx cat is the one we should crown as the king of hairless cat breeds. They come from a genetic mutation which caused them with hairless body. Most people even know sphynx as the only hairless breed, even though it isn’t. Aside from their striking feature, the sphynx is known for its extreme sociability. They are a friendly little fellow that is very vocal about what they want. Don’t be surprised that all they want from you is cuddly all night!

Hairless Cat Breeds
Sphynx Cat

2. Bambino

If sphynx cat is a mutation genetic, many other hairless cat usually is a mix between sphynx cat and other breeds. Bambino is one of the most popular hairless breeds that is a mix between a Sphynx cat and a munchkin. This makes a super cute and adorable little cat with hairless skin and distinct short legs and tail. Couple with large and pointy ears. Bambino is a very affectionate small little cat that’s perfect for a small house because they won’t take too much space.

Hairless Cat Breeds
Bambino Cat (image by mofmo.jp)

3. Donskoy

Another one on the list that is the favorite among cat lovers is Donskoy. This is one of the hairless cat breeds that many consider as an intelligent one. If you adopt them as your companion, you will find that they’re extremely easy to train. You will have so much fun playing tricks with them. What’s interesting about Donskoy cat is that they develop a winter fur in colder months and shed it once it gets warmer. So, enjoy having an amazing cute cat couple with their changes!

Hairless Cat Breeds
Donskoy Cat (image by mofmo.jp)

4. Elf

Elf is one of the cat breeds that becomes popular. They’re considered to be a new breed that is resulted in recent crossbreeding between Sphynx and American Curl. this crossbreeding created an amazing cat breed with a distinct look on their ears. Not only from the look, the personality of the Elf breed is a cross between both breeds. This makes Elf as one of the hairless cat breeds that is playful and absolutely sometimes even mischievous.

Hairless Cat Breeds
Elf Cat (image by catsplace)

Adopting a hairless cat is one of the best decision you could make. Not only do you will have an absolutely amazing cat like no other, you will also get a cute affectionate companion that will always greet you when you come home. If you want to adopt, it may take a bit more money compare to a regular cat, but it will all be worth it! Choose one of those four breeds and you won’t be disappointed in having them in your home! (Catzone)

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