3 Main Causes of Cat with Teeth Problems

Dental hygiene are things that many cat parents often neglect, hence cat with teeth problems is often found in vet clinics. To avoid that, you shouldn’t take dental care lightly. If your cat experiences that, it possibly will lead to them having no appetite in eating, a hard time chewing, uncomfortable, and others. That’s why backing yourself up with the knowledge of things that can be the factors of that is essential. Read to find out what are the causes.

Common Factors of Cat with Teeth Problems

1. Diet

Because of its nature of being a part of digestive organ, diet plays a huge role in determining the healthiness of your cat’s teeth and dental condition. Cat with teeth problems can be caused by your cat eats too soft or wet food, their teeth doesn’t may not get enough friction to prevent plaque from accumulating. A bit harder and dry food is good to provide abrasive for their teeth.

The food itself can also be caused by dental diseases that you need to be aware of. It can be collected around the teeth and gums which encourage the growth of bacteria and plaque formation. You can easily give them the dental disease in cats treatment that they require by cleaning their mouth and teeth regularly. You can clean them every time you bath them. It’s for easier process so your cat can be happy.

2. Infectious Disease

There are so many cat with teeth problems symptoms that are also an indication of various infectious diseases. One of the most striking signs of infectious diseases is inflammation in gums or more commonly known as gingivitis. If your cat has it, you may want to check with your vet about their overall health. Your vet may advise you to do screening for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), or even Feline Calicivirus (FCV).

Those diseases can be a serious thing that you need to treat right away. The symptoms that occur after getting one of those infectious diseases are may not be good signs. Make sure to bring your cat right away to the vet if they experience such a thing. The screening can tell you what is the cause of the gingivitis and how to treat the disease. Treating them as soon as you find out will lower the risk of fatal condition.

Cat with Teeth Problems
3 Main Causes of Cat with Teeth Problems (image by stemcellsafari)

3. Abnormal Teeth Positioning

The alignment of your cat’s teeth also be the determinant of their dental health. Cat with teeth problems are often caused by the abnormally in the mouth. Weird alignment has a higher chance of accumulating plaque and tartar than if your cat’s teeth are shaped properly. It may be because it’s harder to clean or others. The reasons for misaligned in your cat’s teeth formation can be their breed, trauma, or others.

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Their dental health is important for a cat. To prevent your cat from having dental problems, you should consider taking extra steps to make sure that their teeth are clean. Conscious actions of making sure that you mix and match their food is needed. Also if you see any signs of gingivitis, check right away to your vet to make sure that it isn’t something serious.

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