Cat Vaccine List That You Should Administer

Here is the cat vaccine list that you should administer. When we talk about the well-being of your cat, you need to make sure that you cover all aspects of their health. Not only do you need to give them the best treatment that you can afford, but preventative actions are something that you need to take.

It’s even more important than the healing treatment itself. Those actions are things like administering vaccines for cats to ensure their safety.

Cat Vaccine List

There are two types of vaccines that you should give to your cat, core vaccines and non-core vaccines. For core vaccines, you must give it to your cat. It to prevent them from various fatal diseases that are highly infectious anywhere in the world.

Cat Vaccine List
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Your vet will strongly advise you to give your cat these core vaccines. Meanwhile, for the non-core vaccines, you have the choice of administering it or not depends on where you live. Some area are more prone to diseases, thus, administering the vaccines become a must.

1. FVRCP Vaccine

FVRCP is a combination of three core vaccines that you need to give to your cat when they’re still a kitten. This’s to make the vet easier to do it all at once instead of inject them three times. It consists of three cat vaccine list which are FPV Vaccine, FHV-1 Vaccine, and FCV Vaccine.

Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Herpesvirus-1, and Feline Calicivirus are fatal diseases that can lead to death. Once your cat gets the virus, it will be a hard time from there.

2. Rabies Vaccine

Another core vaccine that is in the cat vaccine list that you should administer is Rabies. You might already know about how dangerous the disease is. This makes your cat becomes aggressive and violent while their health is rapidly declining.

Not only does this is fatal for your cat, it also have a fatality to human. Giving a Rabies vaccine is a must not only to protect your cat, but it also protects you from the disease. Make sure you give them the Rabies vaccine.

3. FeLV Vaccine

Feline Leukemia Virus is a dangerous disease that you need to protect your cat from. It’s a deadly virus that easily spread by saliva, urine, and feces from the infected cats. This might be possible to get it by the close contact with the infected ones.

FeLV makes your cat’s health decrease fast. FeLV vaccine administration isn’t a core vaccine. And, this not always ends up by death, but preventative action for this one cat vaccine list is highly suggested.

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Now that you know the basic of what kind vaccines that you should give to your cat. To know further about what’s important for your cat and what other non-core vaccines that you should administer, discuss them with the vet.

Your vet will know better about what’s best to give and the time that’s right to give the vaccines. By giving this preventative action, you will be a lot more insure that your cat will be much more secure in getting infected by those dangerous diseases.

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