5 Most Common Cat Health Problems

If you have a cat, you know there are various cat health problems ready to attack your cat’s healthiness anytime soon. Starting from the very small issues until something that can end up fatal for their life. It’s important to have the knowledge of differentiating common cat illnesses that could happen to your cat. Read further to know the information that every cat’s parents needed about cat’s health.

Cat Health Problems You Should Watch Out For

1. Dental Diseases

Many issues are happening with the cat’s dental hygiene that many cat owners often neglected. If issues are in fact doesn’t get treated right away, it can lead to a variety of cat health problems. It can hinder their ability to eat as well as causing discomfort such ash bad breath, can’t chew properly, discolored and swollen gums and others. Make sure you pay attention to their dental care to prevent these situations.

2. Fleas

Everybody knows about fleas and how annoying they are. Fleas are one of the most common cat illnesses that cat often has. When you have a cat, especially a long-haired breed, you have to be careful with this.

Even though your cat has a high risk of getting it, fleas are easily treated. So, avoid your cat having it by grooming them regularly. But, if your cat already infected with it, treat them soon because it can lead to anemia or even more serious problems.

Cat Health Problems - Fleas
Cat Health Problems: Fleas (image by ipet-ins.com)

3. Vomiting

Vomiting is one of the common cat health problems. This can be caused by so many things. Things as small as hairballs until something serious such as internal diseases of one of the sick cat symptoms that need medical attention. Vomiting makes your cat dehydrated which can lead to something more serious. Don’t let this happens. Be sure to bring your cat to the vet if the vomit won’t stop.

4. Obesity

Many cat owners often like to spoil their cute and adorable little kitty to have the best that they can. This includes things such as giving them nutrients but often makes them drown in obesity. Being obese leads to a huge risk of a variety of health problems such as hard joint, diabetes, kidney and even liver problems. You should portion out the food of your cat, and make sure to give them plenty of exercise by playing with them.

5. Eye Infections

Even though it doesn’t sound as alarming, eye problems in your cat can be caused by various things. Those include things such as conjunctivitis, viruses, inflammations, and others. All of those common cat health problems that happen in the eyes shows symptoms like watery eyes, red eyes, gunk in the corner, among other things. If this happens to your cat for a few days, don’t take it lightly. Eye infection is considered to be an emergency.

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If you’re a cat’s owner, you have to know the knowledge on making sure that your cat can is healthy at all times. Take preventative measures like providing a healthy and clean environment for them to live in, taking them regularly to the vet for general exam and grooming, and other necessary measures. These are a part and proof of your love for your adorable little friend!

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