4 Signs of Cat Diseases Symptoms

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Having a healthy cat s what’s every cat parents want. If your cat in their best condition, they would be full of energy, bouncing around the house, and being playful with you. That is the best feeling to see them happy and warm up your house. But, we can’t be naïve that something might have happened with your cat. Sometimes if your cat got sick, you can treat them on your own to help them recover. However, these alarming cat diseases symptoms means that your cat needs medical attention.

Cat Diseases Symptoms

1. Labored Breathing

If your cat experienced labor breathing with an open mount, this can be an indication that something might be wrong with their lungs, heart or something that cause them to have low oxygen levels. Some behaviors can also be an indication like if their elbow is bent away from their chest, their breath short and uneven, wheezing, coughing, and vomiting, those things aren’t normal. Thus, bring them to the vet is what you should do.

2. Continuous Vomiting and Diarrhea

Your alarm should be blaring loudly when this happens. Vomiting and constant diarrhea are huge signs that your cat needs medical attention. Something is definitely wrong with the inside of their body. Vomit and diarrhea are some of the cat diseases symptoms when a body is rejecting something. If your cat does that, it means that they’re fighting some serious illness or viruses that you need to get rid of immediately. The possibility of what happen is endless, thus professional examination is a must.

4 Signs of Cat Diseases Symptoms
4 Signs of Cat Diseases Symptoms (image by intopet.jp)

3. Lethargy

A change in their behavior is one of the common cat diseases symptoms that you should watch out. If your energetic cat suddenly being shy away and hiding from you, then you need to know the reason why. Their motoric system is also something that you can look into. If they don’t respond to your stimuli, then this can be a sign of sickness that you need to look at. When your cat show signs like abnormal sleepiness, low energy, lack of respond and appetite, then there’s a high chance that your cat needs medical attention.

4. Abnormal Urination

Their secretion can tell you a lot about what happened inside. Look at the color of their urine, if it’s in deep color, then your cat need more hydration. But, if the deep color is like a mixture of urine and blood, then you should be really concerned. There might be internal bleeding happening somewhere that caused that. The lack of urine production is one of the cat diseases symptoms that is alarming. Check them with professional vet to make sure that it isn’t something dangerous.

The well-being of your cat is a crucial thing that you have to look after. When they experience symptoms of diseases like labored breathing, vomiting, abnormal urination, and lethargy, you need to be really concerned about their health. Get them immediately check-up by the vet. If you can give medical attention to them as soon as they show the symptoms, there is a high possibility that you can save them to be in a worse condition. So, make sure that you pay attention to them to catch the signs (Catzone).

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