4 Most Serious Cat Diseases of The Mouth

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Oral health of a cat is something that many cat parents often neglect. Bud, did you know that taking care of their oral is one of the best things that you can do to them. If you don’t take care f their mouth properly, it can result in something horrendous to your cat. You should learn more about cat diseases of the mouth to remind yourself to make sure to clean their mouth and teeth regularly.

Cat Diseases of The Mouth

1. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the name of the condition that happens in feline when the cat inflamed gums around the teeth. They become red, swollen, and painful. The reason for this problem is because of the build-up plaque around their teeth. Plaque is the environment to harbors bacteria. If this doesn’t get treated right away, your cat might lose appetite due to their discomfort in the eating process. Clean their teeth regularly is a must to make sure this doesn’t happen to your cat.

Cat Diseases of The Mouth
Cat Diseases of The Mouth: Gingivitis (image by ameblo.jp)

2. Tooth Resorption

If you see that your cat’s teeth break down, tooth resorption might be the reason for that. The structure of the tooth breaks down from the inside and progressing to the other parts of the tooth. If continued, this can result in your cat losing their teeth. Though, why a tooth can break down is still unknown. Tooth resorption will hurt your cat. Bring them to a vet will help them ease the pain by giving them an injection to numb it. So, beware of this one of the cat diseases of the mouth.

Cat Diseases of The Mouth
Tooth Resorption (image by yodo-ah.com)

3. Bad Breath

When you ask a vet, one of the most common problems of cat diseases of the mouth is the stinky breath. You might ask them what is the cause of this, but the answer to that is so many. Bad breath can be a side effect of many oral health problems. The solution to that might be as small as cleaning their mouth more regularly, or others that make a more significant solution. Oral cavity or even an infected mass can be the reason for that. So, always check it with your vet.

Cat Diseases of The Mouth
Bad Breath (image by hb-l-pet.net)

4. Stomatitis

Feline stomatitis is a discomfort condition that can happen in your cat. It’s caused by a severe inflammation or even ulceration of the tissues on their gums, cheeks, or tongue. This happens in all of cat breeds when they’re still a kitten. If you see a red inflammation in your cat’s mouth, get them examine with a vet. If you let this one of the most painful cat diseases of the mouth, your cat will lose appetite in which makes them even more sick. Immediately bring your cat to the vet.

Cat Diseases of The Mouth
Stomatitis (image by kimata-ah.com)

To know the oral health of your cat, you have to pay attention to how you taking care of their mouth. Check every now and then to see if they’re still healthy. Make sure to clean them properly whenever you bath them. The health of your cat is important. You don’t want to get sick because of their unwillingness to eat. Discomfort and painful oral will make them lost appetite. So, best if you bring them to the vet for throughout health examination as well (Catzone).

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