Get to Know These Common Cat Diseases of The Eye

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If you find that your cat always has watery eyes, don’t be panic. It might be something small that can be solved by cleaning their eyes. However, if it’s happening constantly for days, you need to be aware of the danger of cat diseases of the eye. You need to check to your vet to make sure that it isn’t something serious. It’s also best if you know some of the most common eye problems that may be the cause of that. Read further to find out.

Cat Diseases of The Eye

1. Conjunctivitis

This disease or more commonly known as “pink eye” is one of the diseases that are common to infect the eyes. It happens when the mucous membrane that separates the eyeball and the eyelid get inflamed. Just like human, feline conjunctivitis is highly contagious. Your cat can get them through contact with an infected cat. The obvious sign that happens is that their eyes will get runny with discharge in gray, yellow, green, or other colors.

Cat Diseases of The Eye
Cat Diseases of The Eye – Conjunctivitis (image by:

2. Irritation

One of the causes of cat diseases of the eye is irritation. Generally, cats are allergic to some of the elements in their environment such as strong fragrance, tobacco smoke, dust, cleaning products, .etc. This makes their eyes itchy which is why it becomes watery. This might not be as serious, but it still causes discomfort and possibly redness to your cat. Rinse your cat’s eyes with water if possible and make sure to never use the irritating elements around your cat anymore.

Cat Diseases of The Eye
Cat Eye Irritation (image by catlifetoday)

3. Eye Protrusion

Eye Protrusion is a serious condition in which a feline’s eyeball is displaced from the eye socket. This happens a lot in kitten bulging eye infection. The cause of this cat diseases of the eye is an underlying condition that is severe and needs immediate examination. It can be from indication of trauma, infection of the eye, eye tumors, or other causes. Make sure to bring your kitten or adult cats as soon as possible to the vet to prevent unfavorable fatal condition.

Cat Diseases of The Eye
Kitten Bulging Eye (image by

4. Corneal Ulcers

Another one of the cat diseases of the eye that you need to really care for is Cornel Ulcers. It’s one of the more serious condition in your cat’s eye that can make the affected part becomes cloudy. This disease can be caused by eye injuries, dry eyes, or abnormalities on your cat. Untreated infection can also be the reason for this one. Make sure to heal the underlying problems first. Discuss it with your vet which step what you need to take.

Cat Diseases of The Eye
Cat Corneal Ulcers (image by

Your cat health should be one of your priority to have. Their discomfort and well-being is your responsibility as their parent. Make sure to always do a wellness examination to a vet every here and there, or at least every six months. This is to ensure that your cat is always healthy and on top of their condition. You don’t want them to end up sick, right? So, take care of them is a must (Catzone).

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