Cat Care Tips For Indoor Apartment Living

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Living in an apartment with a feline can be tricky. You need to have a lot of cat care tips to make them happy living with you in a small space. There are ways to make your living arrangement with them a lot more fun. With the tips below, not only does you can make your live easier, you cat will be grateful to get them. Read further to find out.

Cat Care Tips For Indoor Apartment Living

1. Make Sure to Close The Window

There are so many unfortunate incident where people have lost their lovely pet because of accidental fall. Cat is a great creature for jumping, but jumping from a high rise building can end up in fatal stage. High-Rise Syndrome is real! When you can, you should make sure that you close the window properly to avoid that happen to your cat.

In summer time, it might be hard for you to resist the feel the summer breeze coming to your apartment. If that’s the case, it’s important for cat care tips for you to invest in something such as window screen. There are many available on the market that are made specifically for that purpose. It’s also be a great idea to train your cat to not put their paws near the window.

2. Clean, Clean, and Clean

Living with a pet in your apartment needs constant cleaning. Pets like cat often shed their fur, that’s why it’s important to clean your home regularly. It’s even more true for living in apartment. Apartment is a smaller space than a home, shedding furs can get collected pretty quickly. You don’t want to get their fur everywhere, right? For this one cat care tips, don’t forget about your vent.

Cat Care Tips
Cat Care Tips For Indoor Apartment Living

Constant cleaning isn’t only for their shedding furs, but also for their litter and food and drinking bowl as well. A small space of the apartment can make the litter box stink your place pretty quickly. Besides, cat usually won’t litter in the box that isn’t clean. So, if their litter box is dirty, there’s a high potential that your cat will litter all over your place.

3. Keep Them Entertain

Cat is a playful little mischievousness. They’re always on their feet trying to make some fun out of everything. Living in a close space such as your apartment can be a torture for them if you can’t keep them entertain. They can die out of boredom. and leave scratch marks all over your furniture! This is one of the important cat care tips You should keep them happy by providing them enough toys and scratching post ready for them.

Those are a couple of tips that you need to do if you want to live with a feline as your company in your apartment. There are a lot more things that you need to take care of, but those three are the essentials that you need to remember. If you can provide them with making sure that they’re safe at their home, making sure that they have a healthy environment and keep them entertain, they will be happy living there with you (Catzone).

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