Why You Should Choose Cat Breeds Exotic Shorthair

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Cat breeds Exotic Shorthair is one of the breeds that people look after. They’re mostly known as Shorthaired Persians. This breed is highly desired since its first appearance 50 years ago. Today, Exotic Shorthair is very popular among cat lovers. It was almost as if they have a cult following. Here are some of the reasons why this cat is so popular to have as a pet and companion at people’s homes!

3 Best Reasons Cat Breeds Exotic Shorthair Is Amazing

1. They Look Adorably Cute

Exotic shorthair comes from the cross-breeding of Persian cat and American Shorthair. At first, the breeder wanted to have a cat with green eyes, silver coat, and sturdier breed. But, what comes out of the crossbreed is much more adorable from what they envision. The stout frames with big bones and solid feature makes them much more valuable. Their small ears and wide-set eyes will melt anyone that sees them. You won’t be able to resist their charm.

2. Their Sweet, Sweet Personality

Not only do they look innocent and cute, their personality is out of the roof amazing. The docile and sweet nature that resemble a Persian cat, makes them the star of the house. Yet, they’re not as mild as a Persian. Cat breeds Exotic Shorthair has a more adventurous side of them that is a nod to the American Shorthair traits. If you want to teach your cat a trick, Exotic Shorthair is great because they’re an intelligent being, which makes it fun to have as your companion.

Cat Breeds Exotic Shorthair
Why You Should Choose Cat Breeds Exotic Shorthair

If you don’t like a clingy cat, Exotic Shorthair is perfect for you! They’re not a type of cat that demands your attention at all times. They would rather sit in front of you, waiting for you to notice them. Following you throughout the house isn’t something that cat breeds exotic shorthair do. They’re perfectly content to lay around in a cool spot without your affection. But, they will love it if you allow them to sit on your lap and stroke their fur. So, cuddling them is still a regular activity with them.

3. Super Low-Maintenance

One of the best things about having cat breeds Exotic Shorthair is their care. It’s why they’re named as “The Lazy Man’s Persia.” Because unlike Persian that requires a lot of grooming, this breed doesn’t need as much of that. They don’t need any special grooming other than the occasional brush as seeing that their hair is short even though in a glance, they have a luscious and luxurious coat that is thick and super soft. But, it doesn’t need much attention to care for.

Adopting a cat is one of the best decisions anyone ever has. Cat is a great addition to a home. One of the most amazing breeds is an Exotic Shorthair. Their cute look is super adorable. You can’t just resist their charm. Their personality makes double their attraction. What even better is that they’re pretty easy to cate for. You don’t have to be afraid of them demanding your attention. You won’t ever regret having them as your companion! (Catzone).

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