Burmese Cat Breeds: Appearance and Personality

If you’re planning on adopting a cat, you first have to find what kind of cat breed that you want to have. Burmese cat breeds are one of the breeds that people look into adopting. They’re a unique little being that loves to look at the world. People love them for that. Having them in your home is something exciting and fun. Take a look at their personality and facts below to find out more about Burmese cats!

Burmese Cat Breeds
Burmese Cat (Jim Kinkennon)

Burmese Cat At a Glance

Weight8 – 12 lbs
ColorChocolate, Cinnamon, Sable, Champagne, Blue, Platinum, Lilac, Fawn, Red, Cream, Tortoiseshell
PatternTortoiseshell, Solid
Eye ColorYellow, Gold
Lifespan10 – 17 years
Grooming NeedsLow
PersonalityActive, Vocal, Adaptable
Cat Association RecognitionCFA, FIFe, TICA, WCF, ACF, CCA, AFC, GCCF, NZCF
Price$600 – $2200

Burmese Cat Breeds’ Appearance

If you look at them at a glance, you’d find the resemblance with their friend, a Siamese, only with darker fur that coats their body. Just like the Siamese, they also have a darker coating around the tips of their bodies. But, the darker shading will fade away with times, leaving them with slightly darker ends. Through selective breeding, you can adopt a Burmese cat in various different shades of darkness. They totally rock this look.

What’s amazing about the coat of Burmese cat breeds is that they look glossy. It looks almost majestic, which makes them really unique. If you see them, they look tiny even though if you pick them up, you will know that they’re rather bulky since they’re considered to be a medium-sized cat. The cute all-rounded shape face can melt your face. Their piercing golden and yellow eyes also turn people’s heads.

Burmese Cat Personality

When you decide to invite a Burmese cat into your home, don’t be surprised by their antics. Burmese cat breeds are extremely active cats that love to play. Climbing is one of their antics that you should expect from them Easy-going is their middle name.

You will find that they’re a friendly cat and affectionate around children. That’s why Burmese is great to adopt as a family pet. They will make your children always happy and laugh!

Burmese Cat Breeds
Burmese Cat (Hannah Johnson)

Curious is in their nature, so don’t be surprised if you see them peering on your shoulder. Burmese cat personality makes them follow you around the house to be involved in everything you’re doing, as well as crying for attention. Burmese breeds just want to be around you all the time. They won’t mind being your cuddling buddy. You will always have a loyal companion at your side anytime you step into the house.

Window to be their favorite place in your home because they love to observe what’s happening outside. This will be their best activities to pass the time. You may be seeing it often as they got older.

They would be a lot more reserve and flaccid. Burmese cat breeds would rather watch than get involved in your activities anymore. But, they’ll always be there whenever you need them all the time.

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If you decide that personality is what you want as your companion, you will never regret having a Burmese cat in your house. Not only does it fun, you won’t have a hard time taking care of them either. They don’t require a lot of grooming since they’re a shorthair breed. So, their care isn’t as extensive as other breeds. But, make sure that you still provide them with the best as you can and you will have the best companion of a lifetime!

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