Biggest Domestic Cat Breed That You Can Have

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Having a cat as your pet is the most amazing feeling, especially if they’re giant. They can satisfy your urge to cuddle their adorable and cuteness being. There are a variety of biggest domestic cat breed that are perfect for your cuddly friends! Before choosing to adopt one, take a look at this list of the largest cat breeds that you’ll ever find. You won’t be disappointed with their amazing cuddling abilities!

The Biggest Domestic Cat Breed That You Can Have

1. Ragdoll

Who doesn’t know about Ragdoll? Ragdoll is well-known for its adorableness. They’re considered to be a big cat because of their glorious fur. Their long coat makes them appear massive, even though they don’t necessarily really big in size. This breed is outstanding at making people smile. They’re friendly and easy-going creature. Their calm demeanor makes them perfect for a family cat. Adopting them will make you feel as if your cuddling with soft little cloud.

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed
Biggest Domestic Cat Breed – Ragdoll Cat

2. American Bobtail

Bobtail has distinct features compared to other cats, which is their bobtails! It seems obvious if you see them why they were named as such. Their feature is solely created by genetics and absolutely natural. Though this cute little thing isn’t as little as you think. An American bobtail cat can weight up to 7 to 15 pounds, which makes them one of the biggest domestic cat breed for native Americans. With the size of such, don’t think that this cat is a lazy one. They’re super active and playful creature.

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed
American Bobtail (image by myfavpet)

3. British Shorthair

Not only from America, England also has its own winner in the biggest cat breeds in their cute, adorable British Shorthair. Everyone already knows who this cat is. They often grace many iconic movies because of their irresistible face. With the weight average of 9-18 pounds, this cat is amazing to cuddle with. You won’t be disappointed having them in your arm with their soft and thick hair, as well as their giant adorable size!

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed - British Shorthair
British Shorthair

4. Chausie

For those of you who never know about this giant fellow, you should find out about them more. Chausie is one of the rarest biggest domestic cat breed out there. They’re a mix of a domestic feline with a wild one. The crossbreeding resulting in them having a massive size. Their weight alone can reach up to 20 pounds in size. They have enticing beauty that enough to turn head which contributed because of their lovely coat. Adopting them may cause you much, but it will worth every penny that you spend.

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed
Chausie Cat (image source Pinterest)

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

This type of feline is graceful and extraordinary beautiful. Their beauty of pure white coat is what makes them divine. They’re commanding the room with their look, as well as their size. The male of Norwegian Forest Cat on average can weight up around 13 to 22 pounds! That size is absolutely massive compared to a regular cat, which makes them one of the biggest domestic cat breed out there! Fun fact about this breed is that their coat is waterproof to protect them against the Scandinavian winter.

Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat

Those are a couple of the largest domestic cat breeds that you should know. Some of them you can adopt for your cuddly friends, but the Norwegian Forest Cat is the bonus because you can not just resist their majestic appearance. Whether you want to choose Chausie, Ragdoll or others, you won’t be disappointed with a large and massive cat as your companion (Catzone).

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