What Is the Best Cat Breeds for Allergies?

What is the best cat breeds for allergies? Having allergy on a cat sucks! Many people think that the fur of the cat is what caused them to have an allergic reaction, but it doesn’t necessarily true. It’s actually the protein called Fel D1 that’s found in cat’s saliva.

This causes you to itch and sneeze a lot. Because cats like to lick their body, that’s when the protein spreads. Luckily, there are some of the best cat breeds for allergies out there that produce less of Fel D1. Check out these couple of breeds to know what type that you can adopt!

Best Cat Breeds for Allergies


Best Cat Breeds for Allergies
Sphynx Cat (PENTA MINOL)

If you’re ever asking a friend about what kind of cat’s that is best for allergies, they probably would recommend a Sphynx cat. As one of the hairless cat breeds, Sphynx is what most people choose if they have an allergy to a cat. Their hairless body makes them less contagious in getting contaminated with the Fel D1. Adopting a Sphynx cat is awesome too since they’re a fractionate little creature that loves to cuddle with you.


Best Cat Breeds for Allergies
Javanese Cat (mangohula)

A devoted friend can be found in the Javanese cat breed. They’re absolutely intelligent and are known for their great communication skill. Having them in your home will never be boring since they’re full of mischievous antics. What’s perfect about them is that they’re one of the best cat breeds for allergies since they have a medium coat. The lack of undercoat makes them less prone to transferring the allergens.

Devon Rex

Best Cat Breeds for Allergies
Devon Rex (joffi)

The extraordinary look that Devin Rex has is absolutely amazing. Your eyes would immediately go to their gigantic ears. Their cute ears look relatively big compare to their small faces, almost making them comparable to elves or space aliens. Though, they’re far from being creepy. Devon Rex is a perfect cat to adopt if you want to shower your cat with kisses and affection. They’re also one of the best choices if you got any allergies.


Best Cat Breeds for Allergies
Siberian Cat (Hilde C.)

Who says that the best hypoallergenic cats are only the ones with short or no hair at all? This, of course, isn’t true. One of the great choice for the best cat breeds for allergies is a Siberian cat. This breed has absolutely massive fur. They sport a moderately long coat that is hypoallergenic because of the lower enzyme levels in their saliva. Adopting them is great if you want to have a playful little cat that loves playing with water!


People say Balinese is a Longhaired Siamese. At a glance, you have to agree with that statement. Balinese looks almost identical to a Siamese. What’s differentiate them is their long coat. The iconic dark tips on their body makes them look divine and majestic. This breed is smart and sweet to play around. Having them in your house won’t cause you allergic as well. That’s why they’re one of the best cat breeds for allergies.

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Now, you know that it’s possible to adopt a cat as your cute and loyal companion at home even if you have allergic to them. Those five breeds on the list are perfect for options if you want to try having them inside your home. Though it doesn’t guarantee that it will be totally free of allergic free from there. But, you will have a much lower risk of getting them from those breeds!

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