American Bobtail Cat Breeds: Facts and Personality

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Are you interested in adopting a cat? American Bobtail cat breeds should be one of the choices for you to adopt. They’re the cutest little bing that will be amazing for your companion at home. This type of breed is one of the active ones, so you won’t be bored out of your friend at home. Many have them as their family pet because of their amazing personalities. Want to know how amazing they are? Read further to find out!

American Bobtail Cat Breeds

What’s unique about this breed and also becomes their distinctive feature is their short tail. Most only measure for about 1 to 4 inches long. Though their tail is flexible. You can see them changes depends on their mood. It’s so cute seeing their tail straight, slightly curved, bumpy, or kinked, depends on how they’re feeling at that moment. Because of this cute little thing about them, they’re named as the American Bobtail cat breeds.

For a cat lover that loves a longhair breed, American Bobtail is a great choice to have. They have luxurious long hair that is soft to touch. So, cuddling with them is always going to be a great time. Their coats come in many colors and patterns. Some say that their appearance is similar to that of a bobcat. But, no record says that both of them are related. American Bobtail is a domestic cat.

American Bobtail Cat Breeds
American Bobtail (image source Pinterest)

Their Personality

Even though American Bobtail cat breeds look a bit wild, this cat is a tame creature. They’re a loving and friendly little fellow that will easily bonded with you and your family. They love to play with children. That’s why having this breed as your family pet is a great choice. You will have a devoted companion alongside all the time. Besides, they’re also fun to play with. Their intelligent makes it easy to train tricks to them.

The playful and energetic demeanor makes them have a cult following, more so because American Bobtail is a very people-oriented and enjoy being on the center of attention. But, if you don’t like your cat being clingy, then this breed may not be as great for you. They aren’t afraid to get their feeling known. This cat is vocal about everything. If you enjoy being constantly playing with your cat, then it’s an amazing friend to have!

If you decide to adopt a kitten of American Bobtail cat breeds as your family pet, you won’t be bored with their antics. They’re an adaptive creature that is easy to travel with. With their loving and intuitive intelligent, you will feel their kindness whenever you hold them. You can have a loyal companion that will always be there for you at least a few years. This is because the American Bobtail lifespan is around 13-15 years.

Adopting them is an amazing life-changing experience that you will ever have. The best part is because American Bobtail doesn’t require extensive maintenance, unlike other breeds. You only have to make sure that you’re taking care of them by providing them the best food, accommodation, and health care as you can. If you take good care of them, they will forever be always on your side to give you joy and happiness in life! (Catzone).

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